Upcoming Opportunities to Study with Liz

1.  Drawing and Painting Bootcamp for Teens - AUGUST 2018



An invitation for TEENS to study with Liz Beard and Kevin Muller Cisneros. The Summer Bootcamp for Teens at Grand Central Atelier is a rare opportunity for aspiring young artists to learn traditional methods of painting and drawing from a clothed portrait model and plaster casts.  Students will learn how to see and interpret form using pencil on paper, monochrome painting, and finally painting the portrait in full color. 


2.  Portrait Drawing and Painting Workshop in Richmond, Virginia with Kevin Muller Cisneros and Liz Beard

This two week workshop focuses exclusively on Portrait.  Included in the workshop is drawing the portrait from life (4-day pose), portrait sketch with pencil, painting the portrait (4-day pose), and ending with a painted portrait sketch.  There will also be two evening lectures offered by each instructor.  This workshop is open to all ages and ability.

September 24th- October 5th Monday-Friday 2018

Email Brynbeard@gmail.com for registration