Consider The Lilies. 36 x 24

‘Private Collection’

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“In the end, my reverence for Ingres will continue as I explore and learn more from his genius. I have little doubt that I will again return to this woman as Ingres returned to his young muse. The woman in “Consider the Lilies,” indeed, has other paintings to inhabit in my lifetime, and perhaps in paintings done by artists to come.”

Inspired by the master work of Auguste Dominique Ingres, The Valpincon Bather

The Younger Sister. 50 x 43

The Parable of the Prodigal Daughter by Liz Beard

There are sisters who were born into the house of a pastor, taught to respect and love each other well. They grew to become women of faith, dedicating much of their energy and time to the people around them. Friendships were like gold for the sisters.

At an early year in the Younger Sister's adult life, she was presented with what seemed to be an impossible reality. Her beloved friends of whom she felt a wall of loyalty and protection over did not agree with her explanation of truth. Thinking that their salvation must be impossible, the Younger Sister hardened her heart. Slowly, she found herself compromising her morals in order to align with countless world-views. The God she trusted no longer guided her thoughts and actions. She denounced her faith and her family expressed fear. She clung to those who would not judge.

In another city, the Older Sister entered ministry. She was pleasing to her family and valued in the eyes of the church, encouraged by the ways her rigid edges became rounded. Her tendency was towards leaders, wise women and men of faith, affirming her daily. However, the older sister carried the heavy weight of her city, and she yearned for open spaces to find clarity on how to let go.

In Italy, but far from cathedrals and tourists, the sisters met for fresh air, open fields, and good food. They brought their greatest hopes, and their internal wars.

The Younger Sister found herself facing a life-time of rolled-up, wrapped and baled emotion. She could not see the landscape, and did not feel joy. However, she was able to disrobe and hide in the shadow of a messy, massive, beautiful bale of hay. In her nakedness she looked at the dress she had worn and was too overwhelmed to run free. She felt safe sitting still, trusting in undiscovered beauty.

Not too far away, the Older Sister drank the air like water. Her fears subsided momentarily as she held her head towards the sun.

The Older Sister. 30 X 22

"Her fears subsided momentarily as she held her head towards the sun"

Self-Portrait 2016. 38 x 30  'Private Collection'

Self-Portrait 2016. 38 x 30

'Private Collection'

Living Water. 36 x 26

‘Private Collection’

“Realizes her humanity, accepts grace, chooses love.”

The Prodigal Son. 32 x 24

The Private Collection of The CS Lewis Institute of Ohio