Upcoming Opportunities to Study with Liz

1. Grand Central Atelier Saturday Portrait Intensive for Teens

This new course will concentrate on drawing fundamentals with an emphasis on the Portrait.  The class is given for teenagers wanting to build a strong foundation of drawing from a live model, and learning from great master works of the past.   

Take a look at the Grand Central Atelier website for more details

2.  Summer Drawing Bootcamp for Teens with Diana Buitrago and Liz Beard

Diana BuitragoLiz Beard

July 29-August 9, 2019 (10 days)
10am – 5pm • Monday – Friday

$1200 ($600 deposit)
Limit: 10-12 students.

Apply for a Scholarship. Deadline: March 1st. Notification by March 19th.

Course Description

Students will be introduced to the fundamental concepts of drawing over the course of ten days. Instructors Liz Beard and Diana Buitrago will lead the group with demonstrations, lectures and individual critiques each day fostering an environment for discussion, discovery and practice.

This workshop is ideal for beginners to intermediate skill level – high school artists ages 13-18.
Note: Portrait models are fully clothed. Figure models will wear a bathing suit.


Week 1: Cast Drawing.

Students will focus on the fundamental techniques of Grand Central Atelier’s method by studying comparative measuring, light and form using a step-by-step process. Each student will be working from different casts and progress at their own pace.

Week 2: Master Copies

Students will copy one or more masterpieces as part of a traditional method of practicing drawing. The exercise of copying allows the student to learn the techniques used and choices made by the masters. Our focus is to understand proportion, hatching marks, shapes and design that are already resolved in a master drawing.

Friday Mornings: Portrait Sketch

Each Friday, the class will have the opportunity to sketch a different model. Students are encouraged to put into practice what was learned during the week and simplify the step-by-step process. Instructors will demo working with toned paper as well as the wipe out method. Portrait sketches are a fun and great way to get used to doing quick block-ins!


Week 1: Portrait

Students will learn or more fully develop the fundamentals of portrait drawing. Through identifying the relationship of shapes in space, they will develop an understanding of the human head and features. Students will work with the same model and pose during the course of the workshop to emphasize form modeling, line and mass drawing, proportions, and structural points of the skull.

Week 2: Figure

Students will learn or more fully develop the fundamentals of figure drawing. The workshop begins with several short poses to examine gestures of the human form. It progresses to a single long pose that will last for the remainder of the class. Students will initially complete an accurate block-in of the figure and then move onto form modeling. The instructors will emphasize the principles of artistic anatomy and proportions of the human body.